Penn Valley, California


To Start
Take Hwy. 20 west from Grass Valley towards Marysville.
Turn Right on Pleasant Valley Road and go about 8 miles until you reach the covered bridge.

 Several parking lots are located where Pleasant Valley Road crosses the Yuba River.
Roadside parking is also available.

Hiking Distance
You can hike approximately 1.5 miles downstream (west) or upstream (east).
Downstream meanders along the Yuba River as it flows into the Englebright Reservoir.
Upstream goes along the river, and has some great swimming holes.

Bridgeport is located on the far west side of Nevada County.
The beautiful Yuba River is perfect for winter rafting,
and in the summer there are several great places to swim.
Hiking is great all year long.

The historic covered bridge has been around since 1862,
and the old toll station road can still be seen today.
A lot of items have been preserved, and the entire place is rich with history.

Historic Plaque

Covered bridge crossing the Yuba River

Downstream view of the bridge.

Historic barn at the crossing

Restored farmhouse at the crossing

Farmhouse again

The old toll road today

View of Yuba River from the bridge

100+ year old rock wall

Typical Yuba River view

Typical Yuba River view

Hiking trail

Typical Yuba River view

Typical Yuba River view

Wildflowers ...

More wildflowers!

Scotch Broom

California Poppies